Starting a Mobile Car Detailing Business

imagesIf you’re great at detailing cars and you don’t really have a location to open a car detailing shop, why not start a mobile car detailing business? In fact, such a business might even be better than the stationary one, because you’ll have less costs, and you’ll be more active by coming directly to your customers. However, in order to start such a business, you’ll need to know all the tips and tricks to such a task, and that is what we’re going to present to you here. We’ve run into a person that deals with mobile car detailing in Newcastle, and asked him how to start such a business. Here’s what he told us.

The very first thing you need to obtain, in order to start such a business is a mobile phone and a vehicle that is big enough to store all of your supplies and car detailing tools. Most people use station-wagons, while other use SUVs, but if you want to, you can even use a trailer.

The next thing you need to have is a permit that is usually being issued by your local government. Make sure that you’re doing everything by the book, because that way you know that you can’t get in any trouble. You’ll never going to have to pay any fines, which means that you’ll have money for yourself and more money to invest in your business.

It is also important to advertise yourself, so that the public would know that your business exists. Get some printed material, such as business cards, pamphlets and fliers, and share them all over the town. That way, more people would know your business exists, and you’ll get more calls.

Of course, you’ll need the tools and materials for your work, and you need to buy it even before you start your own business. So, get all the stuff that’s needed, such as auto wax, interior cleaners, exterior cleaners, brushes, vacuum cleaners, and so on. You’ll also need some objects that are vital for your work, such as the buckets, window squeegees, sponger, special towels, etc.

images (1)Don’t forget that you’ll need a uniform in order to be recognised as a mobile car detailer. Also, besides the uniform, make sure that your business car is clearly marked with your company logo and your phone number; that way, you’ll be advertising yourself for free!

While we’re at the subject of advertising, ask your local grocery stores or shops if you could place your pamphlet on their window, or ask them to advertise you, and in return you’ll advertise their show. Quid pro quo, it’s the best way of doing things, and it won’t cost you one penny.

So, now you know what it takes to start your own mobile car detailing business, Make sure you complete each of these steps, and only then start doing business. It may be a bit difficult at first, but just remember that hard work always pays off, and with some faith, your business should grow really fast.

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5 Of The Most Expensive Properties in the world

downloadSome people act like they own the world, and after seeing how much money they have, you start asking yourself why don’t they own the entire world. Some people aren’t like that, and they just want to take their money, and invest it in their own little property, which they can turn into their own home. Well, some of those properties aren’t that little, and some of them are extremely expensive. And that is what we decided to give to you today – a list of the five most expensive properties in the entire world! So, let’s see which one of those is worth the most.

If you want to show the world that you are rich, you just move to the Hamptons. That is where all the coolest rich guys have their properties, and that is exactly where the 5th most expensive property is located. It is called Fairfield, and is owned by Ira Rennert. This property is so huge that it has its own power supply line; it is 63 Acres in size, and the house has 29 bedrooms! The exact location of is lies in Sagaponack, New York, and it is worth around 250 million US Dollars.

The fourth place on our list of the most expensive properties is reserved for the White House, which is located in Washington, DC. It is the seat of the President of the United States, and it is estimated to be worth somewhere around 320 million US Dollars! It may not be as luxurious as other properties on this list, but it certainly has a historical value; and apart from that, it has a huge number of rooms, its own helipad, etc.

The third most expensive property in the world is located in France, and is owned by Mikhail Prokhorov. It is currently the most expensive property in Europe, with an estimated price of over 500 million US Dollars. It is a property with one of the most beautiful views in the world, being located in Cote D’Azure. In fact, it’s hard not to have a great view when you have a 20 acre property!

1The 2nd most expensive property in the world is the Antilla, owned by Mukesh Ambani. It is located in Mumbai, India, and is thought to be worth around 1 billion US Dollars! It is a 27-floor tower that some people think looks amazing with stunning features including outdoor blinds, decorative glass and a rooftop balcony! while other aren’t that happy with its look. This property has a staff of over 600 people, who are needed in order for this property to work. And the funniest thing of all is the fact that there is an even more expensive property out there!

This property, that is the first on our list, and that is thought to be the most expensive property in the world is located in London, and is called the Buckingham Palace. It is thought to be worth 1.56 billion US Dollars, but seeing how this property will never be on sale due to the fact that it is the residence of the British monarch, it’s price is only good enough for placing it on these lists. For more info check here

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The world’s best honeymoon destinations

Premier-duplex-suiteBest for city quality: Eiffel duplex porch suite, Shangri-la Hotel Paris

Everything about the Shangri-La Hotel Paris’ split-level suites – a stylish blend of superb gold and delicate beige furniture, wood floors and marble bathrooms – is great. I cherished the extravagant drapes, which course from the mezzanine room down to the parlor underneath – opening them in the morning to uncover the Eiffel Tower splendidly confined through huge windows is a noteworthy minute. Later on, the vista is considerably more compelling – I oppose any couple not to be tempted by seeing the Tour Eiffel gleaming during the evening, as they toast the scene from their own private patio. On the off chance that you can drag yourselves far from that view, book a table at the lodging’s Shang Palace, Europe’s first Cantonese eatery to pick up a Michelin star.

Best for beachside fabulousness: Four Seasons Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Days at Four Seasons Bora Bora sneak past in a dimness. Normally they incorporate a spot of sunbathing on the patios of visitors’ over-water estates, yet they could likewise incorporate figuring out how to oar surf, nibbling on fish plates of mixed greens at the Faré Hoa shoreline bar, absorbing tubs with mountain perspectives and snorkeling in the resort’s impressive Ruahatu Lagoon Sanctuary, where you can spot more than 100 species from octopus to hawk beams.

The passage of the emotional house of God like spa resembles a sanctuary and, softening to putty amid a hot stone back rub in the Kahaia couples suite as fish sparkle under the glass floor underneath you, it’s hard not to feel somewhat closer to paradise.

Best for adult tastefulness: Cipriani, Venice

The triumph of this lodging, cast away on an island in the Venetian tidal pond, is that it figures out how to feel casual and private in spite of its loftiness and big name customer base. The Cipriani experience begins the minute you’re grabbed from the air terminal in a custom-fabricated pontoon – everything about the property radiates style. The stylistic layout is wonderful – Murano ceiling fixtures finished parquet wood ground surface and silk draperies – and junior suites are the rooms to book for a special first night, especially Room 44 for its vast private porch neglecting the (very nearly) Olympic-sized pool. Breakfast in the rich Fortuny Restaurant is a chic issue however my most loved Cipriani diner is Cips Club, which includes a pleasant patio ignoring the tidal pond and city. There’s likewise a vineyard and Casanova Wellness Center with a treatment space for couples.

Best for open air enterprise: Rainforest Camp – Elephant Hills, Thailand

downloadKhao Sok National Park, a hundred and sixty-million-year-old rainforest, is home to hornbills, elephants, uncommon rafflesia (the world’s biggest bloom) and Thailand’s first skimming lodging. Shrouded away in a remote corner of Cheow Larn Lake are ten extravagance tents secured to barges, so you can actually take off of the quaint little inn into the water. Kayaking along the backwoods edge, spotting gibbons, trekking through the rainforest and swimming in the lake are all life-changing encounters and the way that sun-powered force lights the camp and that furniture was constructed by neighborhood experts utilizing maintainable wood implies your wedding trip’s moral qualifications are considered as well.

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Luxury honeymoon destinations

Best for a grand setting: Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort, St Lucia

downloadA late trek to this sprawling property uncovered it has the best setting in the Caribbean: 59 estates dabbed over a slope between the Piton Peaks, which tower like sentinels either side of a bow of brilliant shoreline. This is UNESCO region and it’s inconceivable not to be enraptured by the woodland and mountains. You could pass entire days on the gigantic patio of your pool manor, or, subsequent to waking late in a case like four-publication, you could request that your steward hail a carriage and head to the shoreline for newly flame broiled fish and a swim in the warm ocean. Likewise prominent are the Rainforest Spa with treehouse treatment rooms and the resort’s late-night lounge which appears as though it’s been transplanted from New York.

Best for 24-hour diversion: NIYAMA, Maldives

This in vogue new Maldives break has the greater part of the standard vacation essentials – white sand shoreline, turquoise tidal pond – yet it’s the irregular additional items that set it separated. At NIYAMA visitors aren’t tucked up in bed by 10 pm, rather they’re at Subsix dance club, where you can watch beams and reef sharks through floor-to-roof windows as you move six meters beneath ocean level. Should post-party rebuilding required, the spa is 24-hour (another Indian Ocean first) while a shoreline film underneath the stars, dinner at seaward eatery Edge and nightfall drinks at housetop bar Fahrenheit all help its sentiment certifications.

Best for wild magnificence: Loisaba, Kenya

Paradise sent Loisaba lies on top of a rough slope in a 60,000-section of the land private store. Suites are fantastic undertakings with four-blurb quaint little inns decks with perspectives over the fields to Mount Kenya; in the event that you truly need to grasp the components you can likewise spend an exceptional night on a handmade Koija star bed, moved onto a raised, outside stage for a night spent looking at the Milky Way. Loisaba has likewise quite recently begun offering couples an exciting guided night star safari, either on horseback or foot; to loosen up together a while later, ask for an in the open air champagne shower for two in the shrub.

Best for social persona: Taj Lake Palace, India

download (1)Broadly viewed as one of India’s most sentimental lodgings, Taj Lake Palace is a delightfully protected 250-year-old white marble building which seems to coast amidst Lake Pichola – an asylum of peacefulness in the midst of Udaipur’s beating disorder. You touch base by watercraft (dependably an extraordinary begin to a vacation) and it’s not an overstatement to say your jaws will drop once you see this children’s story retreat of turrets, vaults, fancy windows and rich rooms loaded with perfect obsolescent furniture and hand-painted wall paintings. Eat in the open air on gourmet Indian dishes at the Lily Pond Courtyard or at a coasting, light lit boat for two. Journeys to investigate Udaipur are an absolute necessity, similar to a couples rub in the Jiva Spa.

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A Look At The Ferrari 458 Italia

imagesMen just love cars, and that is something that we at IDK men know, and that is why we have decide to present to you one of the best ones out there. We know that there no man out there that does not love a nice car, and when talking about nice cars, how can you not mention a Ferrari. But, we are not going to present to you just any Ferrari, we are going to present to you Ferrari 458 Italia, one of the best ones that this company had released. So, just sit back and enjoy this look at this amazing car that all of us would want to have one day.

Let’s start with the history of the car. The Ferrari 458 Italia was shown to the public in 2009, at the Frankfurt Motor Show. It is a sports car with a mid-engine that has succeeded the legendary Ferrari F430. It is considered to be one of the best ones out there, but has since been replaced by an even newer version called the Ferrari 488 GTB.

Even though Ferrari 458 Italia is considered to be a successor of the F430, as we have already mentioned, it is worth noting that this car was created from scratch. This means that it is not just an improved design of the predecessor; no, this car has got a completely new design. Also, one of the thing incorporated into this design were some specifications that the Ferrari team has imported from the Formula 1, which pretty much tells us what we are to expect from this car.

This model has a V8 engine of the Ferrari/Maserati family. Its 4,499 ccs power this amazing car and allow it to reach 9,00 rpm. It has a transmission with 7 speeds, but it does not have a manual option that is considered to be traditional. But, this wouldn’t be the first Ferrari not to have it, because three other models were designed like this before 458 Italia. This car can reach the speed of 100 km/h in just about 3 seconds, and the top speed that this model can develop is 340 km/h.

This two-seater can in several different variants. The first one was just called the 458 Italia, while the second one was called the 458 Italia Special Edition, and was revealed in 2012. This was a limited edition of this model, since only 20 units of it were produced. They were created for the Chinese market for the purpose of celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Ferrari’s presence in China.

downloadEven though this amazing car has ceased to be produced, it is considered to be one of the best ones out there, and still has a ton of fans all around the world. Like most other Ferraris, this one is also considered to be a status symbol, and a lot of people think even highly of it now, when it is no longer produced. Some people believe that, like wine, this car only gets better with age.

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The History of Rolex

imagesThere probably is not one person on this world that has not heard about Rolex, one of the best wristwatch companies ever! Ever since it was created, it was considered to be at the top of the game, and people who wear this brand are considered to be successful and rich, both in the past, and in the present. But, not everyone knows the story of Rolex, and how it came to be what it is today. So, let’s what the history was like for this wristwatch brand, and learn as much as we can about it.

This company was started by Alfred Davis and Hans Wilsdorf as Wilsdorf and Davis in 1905, in London. At the beginning, this company dealt with importing Swiss watches and adding really expensive watch casings to them. These watches were really expensive, and were sold usually to jewelers, and those jewelers world latter add their own names to this design.

But, everything changed in 1908, when the Rolex trademark was registered by Wilsdorf. Then, he opened his own office in Switzerland. Now, this was even before he registered the company, and this happened in 1915 in England, because it was one of the rare ones that experienced no ground fighting in World War I. It is unknown how the company got its name, but Waldorf has always said that he wanted something that is recognizable and easily pronounceable. Another thing that Wilsdorf liked about the name was the fact that it was rather short, and could easily be engraved in any part of the wristwatch.

The first major win for this company came in 1914, when it had received a “Class A precision certificate”, which is usually awarded to chronometers. Then, in 1919, the company was moved to Switzerland, due to the fact that England had increased its luxury taxes to pay for the damages of war. Geneva became the new headquarters of this company.

rolex-logoThe next major thing happened in 1944, when Wilsdorf’s wife died. It was said that he was so saddened by this, that he had established the Hans Wilsdorf foundation, a foundation that was gotten all the shares of the Rolex company. This means that all the income that this company makes would go straight to charity. Even today, this company is not publicly traded, and no shares of it can be found on any stock exchange.

Even today, this watch is more of a status symbol than anything else, and wearing it makes you more appealing and business savvy.

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The benefits of a private jet

Flying is probably the best way for you to reach your destination without much fuss. However, it should be noted that not all kinds of flying are the same, and when it comes to this type of transportation, nothing beats having your own private jet. A lot of people will automatically agree with this, but there are still those that are not that sure about this. Well, we are going to prove to you that having your own private jet is the best thing ever, and we are going to do it by showing you some of the benefits of this. So, let’s see

1 – No more trouble with the airports

We know that airports can be crowdie and terrible, especially for the people who are not that big on crowded rooms. When you travel with an airline, you know that you have to come to the airport at least one hour early and then wait for your flight to take off. Some people might find this terrible, and that is why a private jet is a great thing; no more waiting on the airport. As soon as you get there, you get on your private jet and take of.

2 – Never miss a flight again

There is no way that you can miss your flight ever again, because you know that the jet is waiting only for you. You no longer have to arrive at the airport an hour early; you just get there, hoop on to the plane, and take off.

3 – No noise inside

We all know that flying in an airliner can be a terrible experience. There is always a baby screaming somewhere, there is always a guy that is afraid of flying screaming, there is always someone who is sick, etc. Well, you will never experience that again in your private jet, because only the people you want will be up there with you. No more bad experiences in air, and no more terrible situations.

4 – Enjoy the things you likedownload (1)

If you have a private jet, you can enjoy whatever you like when you are in the air. You don’t have to wait for the flight attendant to offer something to you; you just ask for it or get it yourself. You can eat whatever you want to eat, you can drink whatever you want to drink, and also, you can use the bathroom whenever you want to, without waiting for the person inside to get out.

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